Classes & Projects

Fall 2017 Classes:

  • Krishna (Syllabus)
  • Barnard Senior Seminar for Majors
  • Issues in South Asian Religion (Instructor: Rachel McDermott)

Other Classes:

  • Religion vs. the Academy (Syllabus)
  • The Bhakti Movement (Syllabus)
  • Hinduism (Syllabus)
  • Love, Translated: Hindu Bhakti (Syllabus)
  • Hinduism Here (Syllabus)
  • Bhakti Texts of North India: The Sursagar (Syllabus)
  • Bhakti Texts: Mirabai and Ravidas (Syllabus)
  • “World Religions”: Idea, Display, Institution (Syllabus)
  • Religious Worlds of New York (with Courtney Bender)


Invitation to World Literature: The Bhagavad Gita
Produced by the WGBH Educational Foundation
with Seftel Productions for Annenberg Media
Watch the episode here. (26:46)

“Hinduism Here”

Online continuation of the discussion which took place at the 2001 meeting of the American Academy of Religion. Organized by J.S. Hawley and featuring the contributions of Swami Tyagananda (The Vedanta Society), V.V. Raman (Rochester Institute of Technology), Edwin Bryant (Rutgers), Vasudha Narayanan (University of Florida), Rajiv Malhotra (The Infinity Foundation), Ann Grodzins Gold (Syracuse), Laurie Patton (Duke), and Kala Acharya (K.J. Somaiya Bharatiya Sanskriti Peetham).

Also associated with The Pluralism Project.